Supreme Court Judge Welcomes Criticism & Discussion of Rulings

( – Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett told attendees at Wisconsin judicial conference that she welcomes public scrutiny because it brings attention to the issues and drives discussion about civics.

She said that attention on the court is beneficial to the country as it causes the public to gain awareness and spreads knowledge about how the court and government function. She pointed out that it forces the text of the Constitution into the spotlight along with the role that judges and the Supreme Court play in its interpretation and execution.

She further suggested that all judges are public figures, regardless of what court they sit on, and that the role itself was constantly inviting observation and discussion of their decisions. Criticism from the public “comes with the job,” she said. Years of experience have given her a “thick skin” and she suggested that something similar was required of all public figures, including judges.

She lamented the difficulties of being famous, suggesting it was difficult for her to go out without being recognized. She suggested the internet and advancing technology had changed the playing field whereas in years past, most people could not recognize a Supreme Court Justice. She said “that’s better,” implying that judges require a certain amount of anonymity in order to remain unbiased.

A Mexican Supreme Court Justice was recognized and filmed trading friendship bracelets at a Taylor Swift concert in Mexico City on August 24th, highlighting the celebrity status Barrett discussed. He’d previously explained that he thought her music was relatable and enjoyed its rebellious nature.

Widely seen as a conservative-leaning Justice on the high court, Barrett was appointed by President Donald Trump in October 2020. She’s been critical of the Roe v Wade decision and helped overturn it last year. Most recently she sided with liberal judges on the court to block the legal sale of “ghost guns” or guns that are made with a 3D printer. Only legitimate firearms dealers can still sell the weapons legally under the new ruling.

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