Prosecutors filed charges against 24-year-old Daniel Frisiello on Thursday, accusing the Massachusetts child-care worker of sending threatening letters filled with a mysterious white powder to a number of people, including Donald Trump Jr., Antonio Sabato Jr., a California prosecutor, a senator, and a law professor.

Frisiello included the powder in each of the letters in a clear symbolic reference to the anthrax attacks of 2001, but authorities said the powder was not actually dangerous. Nonetheless, Frisiello is facing imprisonment on a number of charges, including mailing a threat to injure and using the mail system to perpetrate a hoax.

The letter to Don Jr. received the most media attention given that it was opened by his wife, Vanessa, and she went to the hospital as a precautionary measure. In the letter, the suspect reportedly wrote, “You are an awful, awful person. I am surprised that your father lets you speak on TV. You the family idiot. Eric looks smart. This is the reason why people hate you. You are getting what you deserve. So shut the f**k up.”

From the looks of Frisiello and his letters, we’re not sure he’s in a position to cast doubts on the intelligence of anyone, much less Donald Trump Jr., but that’s neither here nor there.

While Frisiello’s letters and targets weren’t all Trump-related, his note to Sabato did criticize him for supporting the president. “I’m surprised that olive skin mouth isn’t orange,” he wrote. “You and McCain Jr. belong together in hell, because that is where you’re going not Christian heaven.”

Meghan McCain? Who knows…

His other letters were written in response to grievances about the death of Glee star Mark Salling, the defense of Olympic doctor Larry Nassar, and the lenient punishment of Stanford sexual assault convict Brock Turner, so this was a man with no short list of personal irritations.

It’s perhaps not worth delving too deeply into the political history of a man who is clearly a few nuts shy of a pecan tree, but Frisiello has donated to Democratic Party activism groups in the past and has written disparagingly of President Donald Trump on his Facebook account. In one post, Frisiello shared a meme comparing Trump to Adolf Hitler. And no, we’re not saying any liberal who engages in this kind of nonsense is capable of going mental. We ARE saying, however, that these insane TRUMP IS A DICTATOR ideas that the media loves to perpetrate…well, they do occasionally find a home in some not-so-stable minds.

Perhaps the demagogues out there accusing Republicans of having the blood of dead children on their hands should remember that.