There are a lot of people convinced that someone tried to take out Biden while he was vacationing (yet again) with his family… this time in Nantucket. The reason people are convinced of this is that for some unknown reason, 5 of Biden’s secret service cars, which were housed at the Nantucket Airport, burst into flames. I mean, these things were charred down to the metal. So, this was a big, big blaze we’re talking about. The cars look like they were thrown into the mouth of a volcano, for crying out loud.

Now, I am not sure how burning his cars in an airport is trying to “takeout” Joe, but many think it was a plot that went wrong. Here’s just a sample of what folks are saying online.

“I don’t care what anyone says, this is not normal, and someone tried to take out Joe and the plan was botched.” 

“They tried to take the Big Guy out, but something went wrong” 

Others think there are some different nefarious things going on:

“I’m not believing it for a second. ONLY the 5 cars rented by the Bidens caught on fire? And they all just happened to be sitting adjacent to each other in the parking lot? Someone wanted to destroy evidence, imo. And with this family, ANYTHING is possible.”

“Something doesn’t smell right here. Maybe a message being sent to Joe?”

I know these folks in the SS know their jobs, but it is just shocking to me that the leader (chuckle) of the free world travels around an island in a Hertz Rental Car. One would think HIS vehicle–of all–would be non-negotiable. Even a ferry can bring the vehicles to the island. Odd.

“Sums up this bum’s presidency. Wherever he goes, whatever he does, it leaves a wake of destruction in its path. Afghanistan, our economy, our currency, our borders, our justice system.”

Daily Mail reported that a fire near Nantucket Memorial Airport set ablaze at least five vehicles that were used by the Secret Service during President Joe Biden’s Thanksgiving vacation on the wealthy Massachusetts island.

The vehicles are owned by Hertz and were just recently returned to the rental car company by USSS, according to sources who spoke with the Nantucket Current.

The fire involving the rental cars occurred Monday – one day after Biden left Nantucket to return to the White House. There were no injuries but at least four cars sustained significant damage in the fire, which occurred just 40 feet from the airport’s 25,000-gallon jet fuel tanks.

Five cars rented by the USSS during Biden’s Thanksgiving trip to Nantucket were towed due to the fire – they are a Chevy Suburban, Ford Explorer, Infiniti QX80, Ford Expedition and Jeep Gladiator.

The vehicles were used to transport the president’s family around the island.

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