Swift Threatens to File Lawsuit

(TotalConservative.com) – Pop singer Taylor Swift is threatening to sue a college student in Florida for tracking her private jet and sharing its flight activity online.

The pop star’s lawyers reportedly issued a cease-and-desist letter to 21-year-old University of Central Florida student Jack Sweeney. Swift and her legal team are demanding that Sweeney stop posting data about the location of the singer’s private jet.

Sweeney has been using publicly available flight data to track private planes owned by wealthy and famous individuals, which shows when and where these planes take off and land. Swift’s lawyers argue that Sweeney’s activity is a form of “stalking” and puts their client at risk of harm.

This isn’t Sweeney’s first rodeo with upsetting celebrities for tracking their private jets. In 2022, Elon Musk banned Sweeney from Twitter (which he’s since rebranded as “X”) for posting Musk’s location. Musk said the action violated the platform’s rules against doxxing, putting himself and his family at risk. He accused Sweeney of sharing “assassination coordinates.”

Swift’s cease-and-desist letter was issued in December and argued that by sharing the singer’s flight information, Sweeney was threatening her “safety and well-being.” Her lawyers described the situation as a “life-or-death matter” for Swift and cited several examples of stalkers the superstar has had to deal with throughout her career. The letter argues that consistently sharing the data provides “a roadmap” for such individuals “to carry out their plans.”

Sweeney responded to the allegations by claiming he didn’t “intend for harm.” He said although he likes some of Swift’s music, he also believes “in transparency and public information.” Sweeney claims the letter arrived shortly after the media started to scrutinize the pop star’s “carbon footprint” as a result of his tracking. Swift made it to the top of a list of highest CO2 emissions for celebrity private jets, which was compiled by Yard, a digital marketing firm.

Of course, Swift certainly has every right to be concerned about stalkers. She’s the highest-grossing female touring act in the world and one of the most famous musicians in history. Just last month, a man was arrested outside her home in New York and charged with stalking.

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