Talks Stalled: White House Refuses To Negotiate On Debt Limit Increase

( – House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is reporting “no movement” in negotiations with the White House and its handlers on compromising to raise the debt ceiling. McCarthy spoke with reporters on Monday saying that he “appreciated” that Biden finally signaled a willingness to begin discussions after three months, but that they haven’t budged on their desires to have no restrictions on how many tax dollars they can spend.

McCarthy expressed his desire to have something passed this week but suggested that there was little likelihood of that happening given the lack of a willingness to compromise. McCarthy said that he tried to begin negotiations as early as February, but Biden refused and maintained a hard line of refusing any restrictions on spending.

He reported that he wasn’t confident a solution would be reached by the end of the week, given the lack of movement on the negotiations so far. Talks were supposed to begin in earnest last week but were delayed by White House tactics attempting to parse a debt limit raise from spending cuts as if the two aren’t intertwined.

A last-minute rescheduling of their Friday, May 12th meeting to this week was due to stalled negotiations, according to McCarthy, reporting that despite appearances Biden’s handlers and staff aren’t engaging in good faith. He said that he’d like to agree on common sense, but the White House is thus far not interested.

Most voters agree with Republicans that there needs to be spending cuts if the debt limit is to be raised, or that the limit shouldn’t be raised at all (59.2%) according to a recent poll by Convention of States Action and the Trafalgar Group. President of Convention of States Mark Meckler called the Democrats’ fiscal policy “insane” and compared the demand for more spending power to asking for an increase on your credit card limit while you’re maxed out with no repayment plan.

When broken down by party, over 90% of Republicans oppose raising the limit with or without cuts, while almost 72% of Democrats think there should be no cuts at all, mimicking the White House’s position.

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