This week, GQ Magazine offered a correction on their insipid, feminist red meat of an article, “The Anti-Abortion Movement Was Always Built on Lies.” While a really good correction would have involved tossing the entire article in the trash and, going forward from there, closing up shop on the entire GQ enterprise, the editors didn’t go quite that far. But they did manage to tell readers that they’d messed up by identifying former Alabama Gov. George Wallace, one of the country’s most notorious segregationists, as a Republican.

“George Wallace, the longtime governor of Alabama, a Democrat who would later join the far-right American Independent Party, four-time presidential candidate, and outspoken segregationist who is often compared to Donald Trump, backed the legalization of abortion in the late 1960s because he claimed black women were ‘breeding children as a cash crop’ and taking advantage of social welfare programs,” the article reads in its corrected version.

You’ll notice they couldn’t help but leave in the “citation needed” bit about how Trump is “often compared” to Wallace. Although, we suppose the left compares Trump with all manner of legendary villains of history, simply to get people to see him as some once-in-a-generation monster that must be defeated at all costs. Still…

Cruz had this to say about the magazine’s slip-up: “The ‘correction’ that reveals the lie at the heart of a pile of lies. Yes, racist George Wallace was a Democrat. KKK founder Nathan Bedford Forrest was a Dem. The authors of Jim Crow were Dems. And Dems today seem not at all concerned about the millions of black children aborted.”

While on the subject of the left’s current obsession: “Jane Roe” and her supposed “death bed confession” that she was just in the pro-life movement for the money after her landmark Supreme Court case, Cruz decided to shed a little light on the origins of pro-abortion activism.

“Also, Margaret Sanger—founder of Planned Parenthood, Dem’s hero & racist eugenicist—wrote ‘We should require mandatory sterilizations of those less desirable’ & she wrote ‘We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population,’” said Cruz.

Whether or not Norma McCorvey lived a lie for decades of anti-abortion activism or not, the fact is that she did a great deal of good to atone for her role in the single worst Supreme Court decision of all time. There is reason to doubt that her “death bed confession” is true, but the truth is it doesn’t really matter. For whatever “lies” the left can attribute to the pro-life movement, they are nothing compared to the other side’s big lie: That a human fetus is not a living being.

Once the left can get you to swallow that whopper, convincing you that George Wallace was a Republican is easy.