Teen Faces Murder Charges in Death of Baby

(TotalConservative.com) – A young woman in Utah was arrested last month and charged with murdering her newborn baby because she wanted to go back to the way her life was before pregnancy.

Estrella Meza-Ojeda, 18, prematurely gave birth to a baby boy on August 6. Unable to properly breathe on his own, the baby had to spend 22 days in the hospital, requiring extra oxygen. Meza-Ojeda was then given oxygen to give to her son at home after he was released.

When she returned on September 1 for an appointment, the hospital said Meza-Ojeda did not have her baby’s oxygen on hand. Law enforcement investigating the murder believes this may have been Meza-Ojeda’s first attempt to kill the child. In a statement of probable cause issued by the Heber City Police Department, they said she “was either interrupted or could not go through with it” at that time.

Police tried to do a welfare check on Meza-Ojeda and the baby twice in the second week of September after it was reported that the baby was seen without the prescribed supplemental oxygen, but could not locate the mother and child. They found her at last on September 19. She told the police that raising a baby who required “special care” was difficult and that she wanted to return to work.

Her account of the whereabouts of the baby began to vary, and when she couldn’t get her story straight, she finally confessed that the baby was dead. Meza-Ojeda said she forgot the oxygen at home and that her son died in her car. She then claims she panicked, wrapped the baby’s body in a blanket, and then found a spot on the side of the highway to dump it.

A search warrant found that she searched online for nearby garbage dumps and information about how long one would spend in prison after killing their baby. Meza-Ojeda could have safely given away her child to a nearby hospital under a haven law put in place to avoid these tragic situations. She may not have been aware of that option and now faces charges of aggravated murder and other charges, including obstruction of justice.

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