Ten-Year-Old Boy Shoots At Police During Standoff

(TotalConservative.com) – A ten-year-old Chicago boy suffering from a mental health crisis and extreme tantrum opened fire on police who responded to the scene after the boy grabbed his mother’s gun from her purse and began firing shots inside the home. Police were able to de-escalate the situation and the boy was taken to a local hospital for observation. Thankfully no one was injured.

Officers arrived in response to a call of shots fired in the Beverly section of the city around 11:20 am on Tuesday, July 25th. They were informed in advance that a child was involved and suffering mental distress. SWAT also arrived on the scene and aided officers in safely resolving the situation. They had attempted to use bean bags fired at the house to distract the boy, but that only seemed to irritate him further.

Chicago Police Deputy Chief Migdalia Bulnes informed journalists at the scene that the child had exited the home and fired one shot at police causing them to hide behind cover. He also pointed the gun at his head. Officers used a chemical weapon to distract and frighten the boy who dropped the gun and ran back inside the house. They were then able to take him into custody without further incident and take him to the hospital for observation.

Thurston Daniels, the boy’s grandfather, told the Chicago Sun-Times that the boy had previously had tantrums and outbursts, but nothing approaching the level of this latest escapade. He indicated that the event was sparked by his mother asking the boy to clean around the house.

Bulnes said the fact he was a child in distress modulated their police response. She highlighted how their training prepared them for many situations, but that dealing with a child in distress who is a danger to himself and others is particularly unique.

The incident highlights the importance of securing firearms when children are home, police said.

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