Tennis Legend Blasts Victory Of Trans Cyclist

( – A legendary Tennis player is standing up and speaking out about a recent women’s cycling event in North Carolina in which a trans-identifying man finished in first place nearly five minutes ahead of his female competitors.

On Saturday, Austin Killips took first place in the women’s category of the North Carolina Belgian Waffle Race, which isn’t the first time he’s taken a victory from female cyclists.

Now Martina Navratilova, a Tennis legend and activist defending girls’ and women’s sports, is speaking out about the victory, calling it a “joke.” Mara Yamauchi, a British Olympic runner, also criticized Killips’ victory.

The second-place cyclist, Paige Onweller, said in an article by Cycling News covering the event that although she believes everyone has a right to compete in sports, the organizers should change the rules permitting males to compete against women and create a separate category for trans-identifying cycles.

Incidents like what happened in North Carolina continue to spark a national conversation about gender ideology and whether or not trans-identifying people should have special rights to access spaces and sports corresponding to their supposed “gender identity.”

In April, a former Olympic swimmer, Riley Gaines, went to speak out in defense of girls’ and women’s sports at an event at San Francisco State University, where she was assaulted by radical activists, leading to police escorting her into a backroom where she was stuck for three hours.

Later that month, the “Save Women’s Sports Act” was stopped by Democrats on the Senate floor after passing the Republican-dominated House.

The two parties are very obviously divided on this issue, with the GOP standing in general opposition to accommodating trans-identifying individuals whatever access they want to sports, bathrooms, locker rooms, and prisons based on “gender identity.” It will most likely be a heavily debated issue during the 2024 presidential election.

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