Time and time again, the White House has waved off critics who say it’s unbelievably dangerous to lift sanctions against Iran when they are known financial supporters of global terrorism. That’s a separate issue, they say. That doesn’t have anything to do with the nuclear deal. Please, leave us be while we set the stage for a Middle Eastern arms race that will end in unprecedented devastation.

But according to new reports from Israel, Iran’s path to the bomb is not the only issue here. The billions of dollars in funds that will soon be flowing into Tehran is destined to find its way into terrorist groups like Hezbollah and Hamas, groups that have one goal above all others: the total destruction of Israel. And if the uptick in attacks over the past few days is any indication, these groups might even now be auditioning for their benefactor.

Four rockets have been fired on Israel in the past week, emanating from Syria. Israeli officials believe the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist group is responsible for the attacks. These rocket attacks were only part of the picture; Israeli officials also exposed a bomb plot targeting visitors to Joseph’s Tomb in the West Bank. That, too, is believed to have been orchestrated by the PIJ. And then there is the revelation of a 2.5 mile tunnel leading from Gaza to Israel, dug by the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade. Officials are deeply concerned that with greater financial support from Iran, these terrorist attacks will grow more deadly.

Life and Death

Obama’s casual attitude toward Israeli fears is unconscionable. Everyone was so “shocked” that John Boehner invited Benjamin Netanyahu to speak before Congress that they completely missed the real significance of that event. Here, on our soil, was the Israeli prime minister begging U.S. lawmakers to stop this deal. And all we could talk about was how tacky it was? We’re talking about nuclear weapons, terrorism, and the lives of millions of people here. Would it be too much to ask to put the political gamesmanship aside for five minutes? Believe it or not, Mr. Obama, there are more important things in the world than your precious legacy.

Hopefully, we are getting ready to witness a miracle on Capitol Hill. Hopefully, there are enough Democrats with sense enough to see the damning ramifications of this nuclear deal. Hopefully, Republicans have the heart to actually see a fight through to the end. Because this isn’t about economics, moralizing, or politics. This is about life and death. And if you’re not willing to stake your political career on that, then you don’t deserve to be anywhere near Washington.