Texas Builds Razor Wire Fencing As Federal Government Fails To Secure Border

(TotalConservative.com) – Texas Governor Greg Abbott is fed up with the lack of border security from the White House and has started laying hundreds of yards of razor wire along open portions of the southern border. He shared a short video showing razor wire stacked to deter crossing.

The video shows stacked spirals of razor wire, sometimes multiple spirals are stacked to create a thicker barrier. Commenters were largely appreciative but some pointed out it’s too little too late. Abbott promised there will be “more to come” with the razor wiring of gaps just one tool in their kit to help stem the expected surge coming as Title 42 expired on Thursday, May 11th.

Title 42 was a Trump-era pandemic policy that allowed migrants to be turned away at the border immediately if they came from certain countries and failed to meet certain criteria for asylum. In March, almost half of all migrants were deported under Title 42. A surge of border crossings is expected as the policy expired, as many believe they have a better chance of getting in and staying in the country afterward.

The wire was laid around Brownsville, Texas, at an area where many migrants had crossed in recent days, Abbott said. He announced his intention to continue to lay wire at places where migrants are crossing in large numbers.

Customs and Border Patrol Commissioner Troy Miller told the media that they will continue to remove people who don’t have a “lawful basis” to be in the country and that smugglers are lying to migrants to encourage more crossings.

The Biden administration has attempted to encourage legal immigration by opening new locations where migrants can apply for various forms of entry in their home countries. The NGO-operated centers will facilitate the legal application of migrants from Guatemala and Colombia, hopefully reducing the number of them showing up at the border. Biden is also, amid controversy, sending 1,500 active duty members of the military, to be supportive and handle logistics. It remains to be seen how either method of stemming the flow of migrants will pan out.

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