Texas Dem Flips to the GOP Over Border Crisis

(TotalConservative.com) – A Texas attorney for a Democratic county announced that due to the crisis on the southern border, she will be switching over to the Republican Party.

Kira Talip Sanchez is currently the Kleberg County Attorney in Texas. On Saturday at a kickoff event for the 2024 election season, she announced her switch from being a Democrat to a Republican, citing the border crisis as her main reason.

Sanchez reiterated that she is “proud” of her work as a county attorney and “working with law enforcement” to keep citizens safe, but that the border crisis is “unprecedented” and Republican “policies of law and order” and “backing the blue” aligns more with her values and those of Kleberg County citizens.

County attorneys are elected to serve a term of four years and must be a resident of Texas. Sanchez has served since 2014 as head of the task force for Specialized Crimes and Narcotics and the entire time she’s been a registered Democrat.

Her concerns about the border come from her immediate experience. As of March 2021, more than 426 million lethal doses of the drug fentanyl have been intercepted and seized by law enforcement in Texas, the vast majority of which was manufactured in Mexico and smuggled over the southern border.

The Democratic Party will most likely continue to lose members the more that the border crisis remains properly unaddressed, especially in the border states. Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema is another former Democrat who’s walked away from the party due to the border crisis, although she declared herself an independent rather than joining the GOP. Recently, she’s been slamming the federal government for the amount of aid being sent to so-called “sanctuary states” like New York while border states like Arizona and Texas continue to suffer the brunt of the crisis.

Texas has been sending migrants to other states in order to take the strain off of their resources and distribute the burden of caring for the newcomers. Since April last year, nearly 32,000 migrants were transported out of the Lone Star State, according to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, to cities like New York, Chicago, Denver, Los Angles, and Washington, D.C.

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