Texas Installs New Barrier at New Mexico Border

(TotalConservative.com) – Gov. Greg Abbott announced plans to install new border fencing along the border between Texas and New Mexico in an attempt to deter illegal migration. In a post on X (Twitter), Abbott described the difficulty of having illegal migrants cross into America via New Mexico and then cross into Texas from there.

He said that after they had installed barriers in El Paso which prohibited entry, forcing migrants to cross into neighboring New Mexico which did not have the same barriers in place.

The Texas-Mexico border wall has been under construction for months since Abbott formerly endorsed the plan in 2021. The expansion of the plan to include the border between Texas and New Mexico is the latest expansion of Operation Lone Star.

Democrats in Texas and New Mexico oppose the move, naturally. They issued a joint statement of condemnation. Characterizing the defense of his state from millions of illegal immigrants as a “stunt” the statement primarily concerned itself with environmental impact and potential injury of the border-crossers.

They also complained about fixing “our broken immigration system,” and suggested that was the proper course of action. They did not mention the millions of illegal migrants that are swarming the border since President Joe Biden’s administration effectively invited them all in.

Their statement also neglected to mention the possibility of terrorists and other bad actors using the flimsy border to access the country. Customs and Border Patrol have indicated they’ve seen an uptick in illegals coming from countries like Iran and Lebanon. CBP had previously indicated that immigrants from all over the world were flying into Mexico to take advantage of the effectively open southern border.

CBP indicated they’ve picked up 19 Iranians and 17 people from Syria over the last week. Lebanon is host to Hezbollah which is a sympathetic organization sponsoring terrorism in Israel and the occupied territories. CBP is concerned that Hamas sympathizers could use the border to access the country and engage in violence against American citizens. Democrats haven’t indicated any concern for that potential possibility publicly.

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