Indiana isn’t the only state where a controversy is brewing around religion. In Texas, Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne is fighting tooth and nail to keep Islamic law from gaining a foothold in the Lone Star State. And though Van Duyne and the Republicans who support a house bill that would forbid foreign laws from taking precedent over the Constitution have been attacked for their positions, she proved this week that she is not about to back down.

In an op-ed piece for the Dallas Morning News, Van Duyne reaffirmed her stance against Sharia courts that would defy American law. “It is baffling to comprehend the amount of controversy generated by my support as mayor of Irving for a state law that simply asks family law judges to uphold American fundamental constitutional rights when deciding a case that involves a conflicting foreign law.”

Baffling, indeed. But it is also baffling that an Indiana law that did little more than co-sign the First Amendment would be enough to put so many liberals into a rabid frenzy. When dealing with the left in 2015, no position is too absurd.

Van Duyne went on to note her concern about tribunal courts popping up in Irving. “There is no evidence,” she wrote, “that this ‘court’ aligns its determinations with American laws.” She said that the common defense that these tribunals were “non-binding” was a myth. “The fact is that they are enforceable in Texas courts even when foreign law is the foundation.”

Isn’t it amazing how the liberals who were so incensed over Indiana’s Religious Freedom Bill are not falling all over themselves to support Van Duyne and Texas House Bill 670? Didn’t they say that they wanted to take matters of religious consideration out of the courtroom?

Oh, but this is about Islam, so they have nothing to say. Never mind how women are treated in countries where Sharia law is enforced. Never mind how incompatible Islam is with progressive ideals.

How much more obvious could it be? The left’s new war doesn’t have anything to do with discrimination. It doesn’t have anything to do with “love.” And it sure as hell doesn’t have anything to do with gay wedding flowers. Liberals, LGBT warriors, feminists, and the rest of the leftist cabal have decided that this is the year they start taking down Christianity. Step by step, brick by brick. They have declared war, and their ultimate goal is to scrub this country clean of the Bible, the Cross, and everyone who claims allegiance to Jesus Christ.

Keeping that in mind, Islam’s slow encroachment is not just outside their sphere of concern, it’s actively part of the plan. After all, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. They see the oppression. They see the evil. They think they can put all of that on hold and deal with it after they’ve won the war on white, straight, Christian America.

It’s a war they will lose, but they are going to create a lot of havoc in the meantime. And once American Christian values are back on solid ground, there will be a new enemy that has been allowed to thrive. God bless people like Van Duyne who are brave enough to man the floodgates, but the writing is on the wall. This is a storm that’s going to grow much darker before it gets lighter.