With the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act, signed by President Donald Trump this week, the U.S. Space Force has gone from a fantasy to a reality. Officially recognized as the newest branch of the U.S. military, the Space Force becomes the first to be added since President Harry Truman signed the Air Force into being more than 70 years ago.

While alluding to that historic moment at a signing ceremony at Joint Base Andrews, Trump said that the Space Force will give America an edge when it comes to new realms of defense.

“With my signature today, you will witness the birth of the Space Force, and that will be now officially the sixth branch of the U.S. Armed Forces,” Trump said. “The Space Force will help us deter aggression and control the ultimate high ground.”

While the new branch will operate under the umbrella of the Department of the Air Force and will officially be a separate branch alongside the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard, it won’t exactly be an autonomous operation. The primary role of the Space Force will be to train and equip military members within the other branches for operations…well, in space!

“Now is the time to establish a team, a separate service totally focused on organizing, training and equipping space forces,” Barbara Barrett, the Secretary of the Air Force, said on Friday.

Right now, even the people who will develop Space Force have only the first notions of what this new branch of the military will look like going forward. President Trump nominated Air Force Gen. John Raymond to head up the Space Force, and Raymond said that there was much work to be done to put this new operation in motion.

“There are as you can imagine thousands and thousands of actions that are going to have to take place,” Raymond said. “Everything from what does a uniform look like, to a logo, all the way up to who is in the Space Force and who is not in the Space Force.”

The general said that there was already tremendous anticipation within the military about the prospects and possibilities inherent in the new branch.

“There is an incredible excitement across our service about Space Force,” said Raymond. “There are people knocking on the door saying ‘Hey, how do we become a part of this?’ It’s going to be really important that we get this right. We’re not going to be in a rush to get something and not do that right.”