Following the release of several videos exposing the evil – and potentially illegal – activities of Planned Parenthood, Republicans in Congress are vowing to strip them of federal funding. But while that effort is unlikely to come to anything, a group called 2nd Vote is tackling the problem from another angle. They have released a list of 39 corporations who contribute directly to the abortion organization, giving pro-life consumers a handy way to decide how they spend their money.

The list reads like a who’s who of major American business. Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, AT&T, Microsoft, Bank of America, Verizon, and ExxonMobil are among the corporations identified. Boycotting them all would be an exercise in futility for many Americans, but the list is worth perusing anyway. Even if conservatives decided to just pick one or two of the businesses to boycott at a time, it could have an extraordinary effect. Simply from a public relations standpoint, it might be enough to make a difference.

According to 2nd Vote, Planned Parenthood gets more than a quarter of their funding from private donations. Those donations come mostly from corporations like those enumerated in the list, meaning pro-life activists can do real damage by using their conscience when spending. Certainly, there is more hope that this kind of effort will make a difference than in Congress’ chances of stripping their federal funding. If the last seven months have shown us anything, it’s that Republicans are unable to get anything done if Democrats oppose them.

Planned Parenthood is more than just a nationwide abortion mill. They are a center for pro-choice propaganda, and they are largely responsible for this shift in thought that positions abortion as a women’s healthcare issue. Well-funded and well-organized, Planned Parenthood should be seen as a pro-life conservative’s greatest enemy. If forced out of business by boycotts and legislation, the right-to-life movement would once again have a chance at success in America.

Every year, more than a million babies are aborted in this country. That comes to around 3,000 a day. If you see an unborn fetus as a human being, that means that this country goes through an atrocity on the scale of 9/11 each and every day. These babies go unnoticed, unloved, and unremembered. How many geniuses were vacuumed out of the womb today? How many great men and women?

The truth is, it doesn’t matter if we’re throwing the next Einstein in the garbage or the next mediocre barber. Every one of those individuals should have had the same right to live as we were given. If you believe the same, consider carefully the next time you purchase goods or services from any of the following corporations:
American Cancer Society
American Express
Bank of America
Bath & Body Works
Ben & Jerry’s
Deutsche Bank
Fannie Mae
Johnson & Johnson
La Senza
Levi Strauss
Liberty Mutual
March of Dimes
Morgan Stanley
Susan G. Komen
United Way
Wells Fargo