Is there any group of people more condescending than liberal activists? It’s bad enough to be completely arrogant about your beliefs, but these climate change activists go a step further, certain that they can “figure out” what’s wrong with conservatives who disagree with their stance. They don’t want to have an honest dialogue, they don’t want to listen to the other side of the story, and they aren’t willing to admit that they could be wrong about anything.

The latest example of this arrogance comes courtesy of New York magazine. You don’t even have to read past the title to understand where they’re coming from: Psychologists Are Learning How to Convince Conservatives to Take Climate Change Seriously. Really? This isn’t some “all liberals, all the time” DailyKos-type of magazine. This is a sign of how pervasive and mainstream the climate change nonsense has become.

In the article, the author claims that disagreements on climate change have nothing to do with science or evidence, a claim I would agree with. He goes on to explain that conservatives have identified with the “anti” position and can’t be convinced to come down from the perch. Well, I would say the exact same thing is true of most of the hoaxers. Those weren’t scientists filling the streets of Manhattan for the big Climate Change pow-wow. It was laymen, hippies, Hollywood actors, and young people who wanted to be part of a movement.

There is so much misunderstanding on the left when it comes to the conservative position on climate change. No one’s denying that the climate is changing. That’s a fact of life on the planet, and we happen to live in a time when it’s happening again. But do we believe that it’s man’s fault? Well, let’s just say that we aren’t quite ready to make that leap.

Liberals like to claim that the science behind climate change is settled. It’s in the bag. But how can that be true when their arguments change every ten years or so? In the early 1980s, the left was warning us that global cooling was going to wipe us out. By the 90s, it had turned into global warming.

Now, we’re told that warming is just on “pause,” seeing as how it hasn’t actually happened for nearly twenty years. Every time there’s a hurricane, we have to hear about how it was caused by man’s destructive attitude towards the environment. Yet when we made a snide remark about a cooler-than-average winter day, we’re told that has nothing to do with the general trend.

Like most conservatives, I’m not married to any beliefs about climate change. But liberals have to wake up and smell the money. The environmentalist movement likes to portray itself as an altruistic, grassroots campaign for a green earth, but the fact is that there are a lot of people making a lot of money off this movement. Al Gore, to name one example, has made millions off his pro-environmental efforts.

When there are clear ulterior motives in place for everyone from politicians to scientists to green companies, you can’t ask us to set aside our skepticism.