The Border Crisis Livestreamed By Musk

( – Tech entrepreneur and billionaire Elon Musk went to Eagle Pass, Texas, last Thursday to visit the southern border in an act of citizen journalism that impressed many social media users.

Musk paid a visit to the US-Mexico border and posted a video of his experience documenting what’s happening there and talking to local politicians, Border Patrol, and law enforcement. After speaking with Republican Texas Rep. Tony Gonzales, who said the situation is a “serious issue,” Musk went to see what’s going on for himself.

On Thursday, Musk went live on Twitter (which he has now rebranded as X) from the border and told his audience he was there to speak with officials and “get the real story.” One of Musk’s guests at the meeting was Gonzales, who thanked Musk for visiting the southern border to get an on-the-ground picture of what was happening. He went on the explain the situation and various ways people are getting into the US illegally as well as Mexican cartel activity.

Musk received a generally positive response for his effort. People seem to be growing disillusioned with the mainstream media’s blatant downplaying of the crisis, refusing to cover it honestly, leading many Americans to turn to independent journalism in order to find out why it’s so easy for people to come over the border.

An immigrant himself, Musk says he is “extremely” pro-immigrant but believes there needs to be a restructuring of the vetting process in a way that expands legal immigration toward people who are honest and hardworking while weeding out criminals. He also lives in Texas now, so the issue affects him more directly. One of his primary concerns about the border is that the surge of migrants could cause social services to collapse around the country, something that’s already beginning to happen in New York City.

Although the response was generally positive, the tech billionaire also received some criticism for glitches during the live stream on his own platform.

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