In a week where we saw Middlebury College in Vermont de-platform a speaker because the usual liberal mob deemed him too “homophobic” to be given space to speak on campus, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis took action to make sure that freedom of speech is respected and upheld at Sunshine State colleges and universities. At a press conference on Monday, DeSantis urged Florida State University, the University of Florida, the University of Central Florida, and all other state schools to adopt free speech resolutions that would keep ideological totalitarianism from seeping into Florida academia.

At the press conference, the Republican governor insisted that more speech was the best answer to controversial or unpopular speech.

“As elected leaders, we have a responsibility to ensure our constitutional freedoms extend to our state’s educational institutions and are not encumbered,” DeSantis said. “The role of the university is not to shield students from speech that makes them uncomfortable. The cure for speech that one disagrees with lies not in prescription, but in open debate and free inquiry.”

Hey, remember when this is what liberals used to believe? Like, it used to be their whole THING. Which just goes to show you that today’s American leftists have little in common with classical liberals and everything in common with the very fascists they claim to despise.

DeSantis then took direct aim at colleges that have bent the knee to liberal protesters, canceling speakers in the ridiculous name of being unable to provide “safety” on campus. Hitting the nail on the head, he deemed these capitulations a “sign of weakness on behalf of school administrators,” and he urged Florida academic officials to value the First Amendment enough to stand up for it. Fortunately, he said, he did not believe that Florida had “gone down that road” just yet.

Perhaps they won’t. FSU President John Thrasher was more than happy to sign on to DeSantis’ free speech pledge.

“FSU is proud to join with eleven other institutions in the Florida state university system in affirming the dedication to preserving and celebrating freedom of expression and freedom of inquiry,” Thrasher said. “We support Gov. DeSantis on his position in strongly and unconditionally advocating for free speech at our universities.”

Hopefully, the Florida governor’s spirit of free expression will catch on, and we’ll begin to see an end to the liberal “safe space” bubbles that are turning our nation’s institutions of higher learning into centers of indoctrination. That time can’t come soon enough.