Antifa and their likeminded socialists have a trick they like to pull out of their back pocket whenever they get the chance. Whenever they can, they “dox” people who vehemently disagree with their violent, leftist agenda. Meaning, they publish the names of people who have the right to anonymity online, they notify employers of comments individuals make online, they send around addresses of Trump supporters so they can be harassed, intimidated, and, perhaps, assaulted by members of their left-wing terrorist group. It is nothing more than an extension of the general left-wing goal, which is to shut down any and all political dissent using any means necessary.

Antifa, being Antifa, takes it to the next, dangerous level.

From the Daily Beast:

On August 18, Trump supporters will host the “National March Against Far-Left Violence” in several cities, organized by a pair of frequent attendees at far-right rallies. Expected participants include members of anti-Muslim group the Proud Boys and people involved in the pro-Trump troll group Patriot Prayer, which has attracted white supremacists. In early July, when march leaders were planning their event, an apparent ally set up a website where marchers could pre-order anti-anti-fascist t-shirts. But the website appears to have been a trap by antifa, who turned around and published the names and addresses they’d collected from the website.

Now the far-right is trying to get their apparent anti-fascist trolls arrested.

An anonymous person registered a website for the National March Against Far-Left Violence in early July, web registry records show. An early version of the site encouraged fans to subscribe to its mailing list or pre-order t-shirts, which showed an anti-fascist symbol being damaged by the American flag. The site didn’t ask for payment, just an address “so we can calculate shippings costs.”

Last week, just prior to the marches, the webmaster of the hoax site published a list of the collected names and addresses under the pretense of shaming those individuals for not paying for their t-shirts (which, of course, never existed in the first place).

“The following people still have not paid for the shirts they ordered,” the site’s publishers wrote before displaying a list of more than thirty names. “We’re hardworking organizers who paid hard-earned money out of our own pockets to have these shirts printed. The fact that our fellow patriots are now shirking their obligations is alarming to us.”

It soon became evident that these were not patriots of any kind but infiltrating leftists who managed to fool the march’s organizers into linking to their site from the official Facebook page. Those organizers are now threatening to take legal action, up to and including pressing criminal charges, against the leftist hoaxers, but it remains to be seen if the Justice Department is interested in taking up the case.

Beyond the legal ramifications, this really just shows you what these left-wing demons are made of. They will stop at nothing to silence their opposition, even if it results in ruining someone’s life or getting someone hurt. This is how important it is to them to stop “white supremacy and fascism,” which is, to their feeble minds, anything to the right of Che Guevara. It’s a shame we have to share the country with these numbskulls, but as long as we do, let this be another reminder: Be vigilant about your personal information. There are certainly forces out there who would love to use it against you.