According to a new Pew Research poll, Democrats are, to coin a phrase, losing their religion. The survey reveals that religious affiliation among Democrats is sinking rapidly and that the single largest grouping on the left now belongs to those who claim no religion at all.

In 2007, only 19 percent of Democrats checked the “none” box when asked about their religion. In 2015, that number stands at 28 percent, eclipsing Catholicism to clinch the top spot.

Now, claiming no religious affiliation is not the same as claiming to be an atheist, but the poll does throw both categories into the same bucket. It’s of course possible to believe in God without necessarily labeling yourself a Christian (or anything else). But one wonders how large that group really is.

What does this reveal? Not much, but it gives us an opportunity to ponder what makes Democrats tick. What philosophy of life do they follow as they abandon religion? Do they have one? Or are they content to float through life without any core principles at all, sampling each new crazy idea that comes along? That would certainly explain a lot about their politics.

Religion to them, perhaps, is a prison. They believe that the highest form of freedom can be found in the phrase, “Do whatever you want.” They think liberation lies in throwing religion out the window, throwing God out after it, and then tossing out 6,000 years of recorded wisdom for good measure.

It’s funny to hear the more militant liberal atheists mock Christians for believing in talking snakes and giant arks. Those beliefs don’t come close to matching the absurdities that constitute progressivism. They suffer from the staggering delusion that through simple enlightenment, they can forever change the very nature of humanity.

And they have to throw out all of that collected wisdom, don’t they? Because no matter how far back you go, one thing remains true: human nature has not changed very much. Our lives in 2015 scarcely resemble those of the ancient Greeks, but the lessons of the wise philosophers are as relevant today as they were when they were written. Why? Because no matter how many rockets we send to the moon, how many gadgets we carry around, or how many diseases we cure, we are still human beings. And thus, we will always have the things that society has always had. There will always be the rich and there will always be those who are poor. Always the virtuous, and always the evil.

They don’t want to hear it. They’re going to wipe all of that out and start fresh. Emboldened with science, they are going to create a new world where everyone lives in harmony and there is no more hate or crime or hot weather. They have thus turned themselves into gods, so what need have they of a creator?

It’s easy to loathe these liberals because of their arrogance, but when you really think about it, they deserve pity more than scorn. It’s hard to sympathize with them when they are ruining the country, but imagine the frustration of living your life in this way. Always wishing for things to be different. Always fighting to change things that can’t be changed. It is perhaps the greatest joy of conservatism to simply see things as they are. To know that you don’t have to change the world to be happy.

With all the rules and the discipline, it’s easy to see why some would consider religion a prison. But there’s no sweeter freedom than a deep understanding that things are what they are and that they could always be worse. This gives rise to a beautiful thing called gratitude. Can an atheist experience this gratitude without anyone to thank? Or are they waiting around impatiently for someone to thank THEM for being so enlightened and wise?

Pride comes before the fall. Another reason to pity godless liberals: they have a bad crash landing to look forward to.