In an editorial last week, Chinese state media had the audacity to write: “We should say righteously that the U.S. owes China an apology, the world owes China a thank you.” With the kind of arrogance that can only be forged in an authoritarian regime where facts are exactly as open and abundant as Xi Jinping wants them to be, China is patting themselves on the back for a job well done. They are aided in this by U.S. Democrats and liberal media writers, who apparently think there’s something in it for them if they carelessly parrot the government’s propaganda.

But of course, there is nothing for which we need to apologize to China. And we certainly don’t need to be extending our gratitude to them.

For one thing, let’s not forget where and how this coronavirus originated: the Chinese city of Wuhan. More specifically, it came from an open-air wet market where animals are slaughtered live on the premises for immediate consumption. What could go wrong? This is a country where people are still enjoying such delicacies as bat soup and rat meat. These are exactly the kinds of animals who carry novel coronaviruses in their blood. And guess what? Reckless food handling led this particular virus to cross from animals to human beings, putting millions around the world in jeopardy.

Even if we give China a pass for their backwards, scientifically-illiterate consumption practices, we can at least hold them accountable for their actions in the subsequent weeks and months. This is where China is giving themselves congratulations, insisting that they contained the virus within their borders as well as they possibly could, giving the international community plenty of time to get prepared for the coming pandemic.

That’s a bad joke.

Instead of confronting this disease with the seriousness it deserved, China pretty much ignored the problem in Wuhan for a month. From early December to early January, the Chinese government insisted that the disease was nothing to worry about.

When they (finally) traced the disease to the wet market, they shut it down and acted as though everything was solved. Despite doctors warning that this was not the case, Chinese government officials told the Wuhan public that the new mysterious illness could not be passed from person to person. Indeed, they shut down and criminalized a doctor speaking the truth to their laws. That doctor later died of COVID-19.

Even today, three months later, China has failed to step up to the plate. They are too busy saving face and printing ludicrous conspiracy theories about how the United States infected Wuhan to worry about helping the international community stop the spread of the coronavirus. Indeed, part of the reason why the U.S. has been slow to roll out tests is that China won’t allow biological material past their borders. Without live samples of the virus, tests are impossible to make.

We’re by no means surprised by China’s actions, nor by their predictable propaganda. We are surprised, however, to see Democrats and media figures in the U.S. swallow their absurd tales without the slightest skepticism.

Anything to turn the narrative against Trump, we guess.