The American Principles Project has released a new ad slamming Joe Biden and Democratic Arizona Senator Mark Kelly for cosponsoring a bill that would weaponize the Department of Justice and push “dangerous transgender drugs and surgeries on kids.”

The video features child psychologist Miriam Grossman, M.D., who says, “We have to go out there and stop this. Our children deserve better.”

The new law is sold as “A bill to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation, and for other purposes.”

It would empower the Department of Justice to “intervene in equal protection actions in federal court on account of sexual orientation or gender identity” and strip parents of their rights.

It would also “prohibit an individual from being denied access to a shared facility, including a restroom, a locker room, and a dressing room, that is in accordance with the individual’s gender identity,” allowing any man into a women’s restroom based on what gender they think they are.

This is the disgusting Democratic agenda that Joe Biden is driving.

The American Principles Project is “the only national pro-family organization engaging directly in campaigns and elections.” Their goal is “to make the family the most powerful, well-represented special interest group in Washington, D.C.”

Trump-Endorsed Blake Masters shared their new ad saying, “Mark Kelly supports all of it.”

Grossman: We have an explosion of kids rather suddenly making an announcement that they are transgender.

Narrator: Democrats like Mark Kelly and Joe Biden support policies pushing dangerous transgender drugs and surgeries on kids, taking away parental rights.

Grossman: Kids are told — elementary school, middle school — if your parents don’t go along with this, they’re not on your side.

Narrator: It’s Mark Kelly’s agenda for our kids. And families.

Grossman: There are no gold standard studies about transgender kids. Zero. We have to go out there and stop this. Our children deserve better.

This is similar to the policies that Radical Left Democrat gubernatorial nominee Katie Hobbs has a record of pushing in the Arizona Legislature.

This life-changing surgery is child abuse.

Breitbart reported,

The bill, titled the “Equality Act,” would effectively eliminate the legal definition of biological sex if signed into law and, as Melissa Moschella, Ph.D., pointed out in a report published by the Heritage Foundation, impose “a radical ideology with sweeping implications on all Americans.”

Moschella noted that under this legislation, a parent’s “caution or skepticism” about their child’s desire to change sexes could be viewed as abuse or neglect:

To understand how radically the Equality Act would undermine parental rights, imagine that you are the parent of an adolescent girl who… begins to identify as transgender after watching video testimonials of transgender-identifying adolescents on Tumblr, despite never previously having expressed discomfort with her gender. If you are worried that this is a social-media-induced fad and resist your daughter’s demands to call her by a new name, buy her a chest binder and men’s clothing, and allow her to begin taking testosterone, your caution and skepticism could be considered abusive or neglectful.

With the help of school officials, your daughter might begin presenting herself as a boy at school — adopting a new name and pronouns, using the boy’s restroom and locker room, and participating in boys’ sports, etc. — while she and the school officials work together to keep you, the parent, in the dark about what is going on.

Along with the threat to parents’ rights, Moschella warns of two other potential consequences of the “Equality Act.” It would “demolish existing civil rights and constitutional freedoms — and is a grave threat to parental rights” and “result in lifelong physical and emotional harm to countless children, who would be subject to even more dangerous drugs and surgeries,” she wrote.

In the past, Mark Kelly has also advocated for “Transgender Day Of Visibility.” Whatever the hell that means.


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