We have not faced a horror like this in recent times. Every day, we see another example of depravity from ISIS and groups like it, including Al Qaeda and Boko Haram. They are systematically destroying any remnants of the Middle East that do not meet their standards for Islamic purity. Any that stand in their way – including Muslims, Christians, and Jews – are killed without a second thought.

Instead of confronting this evil with everything we have, though, America is more concerned with making excuses. We mislabel these organizations as secular in nature, only using the guise of Islam for some unclear reason. Why Islam? Why not Christianity? Why not Zoroastrianism? Why not atheism or Judaism or Arab nationalism or any of a million different ideologies? This is a question that few seem willing to confront.

In fact, instead of confronting these difficult, politically incorrect questions, we are focused on celebrating Islam to a degree we celebrate no other religion in the world. The more clear it becomes that there is something violently wrong with this religion, the more we move over to make room for it in our lives. Liberals who claim to stand up for women’s rights, multiculturalism, LGBT tolerance, and freedom must look the other way when it comes to Islam. Because the problem doesn’t begin and end with ISIS. Countries governed by Islamic rule stone women for infidelity, put gays to death, and swear a vow to wipe Jews from the planet.

Yet we’re supposed to forget about all of that. We’re supposed to take it as a matter of course that Islam is no worse than Christianity. It’s just another way of life. There is no moral objectivism. There is no one right way. We can’t judge people who live by different values. Instead, we must spend all of our time tearing down our own history, our own faiths, and our own freedoms. If we clog the airwaves with enough self-flagellation, it really will start to look like we’re no better than them.

Americans need to get their heads clear about what’s going on in the world right now. The truth won’t be found on the nightly news, it won’t be found listening to President Obama, and it won’t be found in the halls of academia. Good news, though; you don’t need any of those sources. All you need is a thinking brain.

Away from peer pressure, outside propaganda, and a desire to out-progressive one another, even brainwashed liberals would eventually come around to the right answer. All you have to do is sit and think for a few minutes. Think about what your ideal vision is for the country. Does it involve Islamic rule? Does it involve the gradual disappearance of every right we’ve fought so hard to retain? Does America get better the more quickly it abandons the principles of its founding?

Or is there a right and wrong after all? Is there an objective truth every American can agree on? A firm morality that doesn’t include oppression and murder?

If there is, why do we keep pretending otherwise?