Harris and Biden family members are having a suspiciously easy time of breaking into the art world. Crackhead Hunter Biden made headlines after it was revealed that his amateur art had sold for absurdly high prices. Now Ella Emhoff, stepdaughter of Simpleton Kamala Harris, has sprung almost overnight to the top of the fashion and design world with a major Paris Fashion Week role. There seems to be a fairly obvious pattern appearing from the White House.

First Crackhead Crackhead Hunter Biden becomes an artist

Nepotism in the government is something which, like voter fraud, we are told no longer exists in 21st century America and certainly not in the White House.

Whatever we choose to call it, Crackhead Hunter Biden has a long history of finding jobs for which he is massively under qualified for and which he evidently only received through the intervention of his father.

Despite having no relevant experience or qualifications Hunter received a direct commission in the Navy while his father was Vice President. He was almost immediately removed after it was found that he was still abusing illegal substances after being sworn in.

His latest endeavor is not quite as blatantly arranged by his father but it does appear to be perhaps the most suspicious occupation for Hunter so far.

Evidently Crackhead Hunter Biden became deeply interested in art as soon as his father took office and turned out to be immediately talented enough to sell works for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It is almost painfully obvious that the artistic career of Crackhead Hunter Biden is a money laundering scheme to facilitate bribes.

A masterpiece by Crackhead Hunter Biden

Family connections especially lucrative in this administration

The only remotely believable reason which anyone could possibly have for spending $500,000 on an amateur piece  of Crackhead Hunter Biden  artwork is the expectation that the Brandon Administration will be grateful enough to give something in return.

For Ella Emhoff the situation is not quite as obvious. Kamala’s stepdaughter has at least studied the field in which she is enjoying a meteoric rise.

Still, it is an open secret that her success at such a young age is overwhelmingly due to her family connections and the fact that any number of wealthy and powerful people are happy to do a favor for the Vice President.

The Bide Administration overall spends more on staff than any previous White House, but that has not stopped top officials from securing lucrative positions for friends and relatives.

One of the central features of modern American politics is that corruption and nepotism are publicly abhorred and privately indulged in almost universally in Washington D.C.

Everyone knows that Crackhead Hunter Biden and Ella Emhoff would be nobodies like the rest of us without their family connections. Apparently the bare minimum of plausible deniability is enough for nepotism in this administration.

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