Democrat Matt Castelli, a former CIA Agent running for Congress in New York, allegedly drank alcohol on the clock and had sex with multiple colleagues in a White House office during his tenure on the National Security Council, according to a Daily Mail report.

Castelli served as the director of the National Security Council’s counterterrorism division under former President Barack Obama and stayed on for the first year of former President Donald Trump’s administration before launching his campaign to unseat Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY).

However, Castelli’s reportedly “open” reputation for partying, drinking on the clock, and having sex with his colleagues at work is coming back to haunt his congressional campaign.

Castelli allegedly slept with women in the “prayer room” of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, which is connected to the White House and where National Security Council staffers work.

As the Daily Mail reported:

‘He told us all about the prayer room – that was his thing,’ one former colleague said of Castelli. The colleague said Castelli told one story where either during or after the NSC Christmas party in 2017 he took a female colleague back to the prayer room for sex. ‘There were a couple other times where he’d just sneak off during the day,’ to hook up with women, the colleague, who requested anonymity to speak freely, told

Castelli allegedly had sex with three of his female colleagues, including one that was married.

“It was open- there was no secret about it,” one of Castelli’s former colleagues told the Daily Mail.

Castelli also had an affinity for drinking alcohol while on the clock, which contributed to a “very rampant alcohol culture” within his counterterrorism team.

“The source said there was a ‘very rampant alcohol culture’ within the team and Castelli was one to go out for beers and return to the office, sometimes staying so long he would collect overtime pay. ‘I feel kinda bad, but dude just liked to party,’” the Daily Mail reported.

A different former colleague, who told the Daily Mail he was “very much aware” of Castelli’s work behavior, confirmed Castelli would “brag” to his other colleagues about his partying, drinking, and various hookups with women that occurred on the job.

However, Castelli’s campaign dismissed these former colleagues’ comments as a “political hit job from allies of Elise Stefanik.”

“Allegations of impropriety in Castelli’s professional, personal, or private conduct is clearly a political hit job from allies of Elise Stefanik because she is afraid to run against a patriot like Matt Castelli who served our country while she only serves herself,” Castelli’s team told the Daily Mail.

Castelli will have to defeat Democrat Matt Putorti in New York’s primary on August 23 before facing Rep. Stefanik in November’s election.

Earlier in the year, Castelli was one of several Democrats who attended a far-left group’s vigil where they accused those who entered the Capitol on January 6 of treason. At the vigil, Castell claimed Stefanik “violated her oath that particular day in her actions and has continued to do so every day since.”

Further, Castelli compared Stefanik to the American Revolutionary War traitor Benedict Arnold.

“Her actions remind me of another individual with ties to the North Country. … I am talking about the traitor Benedict Arnold, and his treasonous spirit is alive and well in Congresswoman Elise Stefanik,” Castelli said.

The former CIA agent recently said the January 6 Capitol Riots inspired him to run for Congress.

“I led teams leading down some of the world’s most dangerous terrorists, served in Afghanistan and Iraq. But after COVID-19 it got to a point where we were having a 9/11 in this country every day in terms of deaths,” Castelli said. “So I left government and joined a healthcare organization. But then January 6 happened.”

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