Thiel Lined Up Secret Meetings With Jeffrey Epstein

( – According to a New York Times report, billionaire entrepreneur Peter Thiel may have met several times with financier Jeffrey Epstein, the convicted child trafficker who died mysteriously in his jail cell in 2019, which was officially ruled a suicide.

The report stated that multiple email reminders were reviewed which appear to be from Epstein’s personal assistant. The Times said that records of the emails came from an information request relating to the lawsuit by the US Virgin Islands against the Epstein estate, which was settled last year. The Epstein estate agreed to a payment of $105 million to the US Virgin Islands where Epstein conducted much of his trafficking operation.

Although it is not known whether or not Thiel actually attended all of the meetings documented in the emails, the Epstein assistant sent Thiel reminders for three different meetings in September 2014. Epstein also had a list of people to make time for when staying in New York City and Thiel appears on that list.

Thiel isn’t the only billionaire to have ties to Epstein, of which there are several due to the financier moving within the highest elite circles, the most notable of which is Bill Gates. A New York Times reporter was once told by Epstein himself that in 2018 Tesla and Space X founder Elon Musk approached him for advice on issues with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Musk said these claims are false.

Musk was also subpoenaed by the US Virgin Islands as part of its JPMorgan Chase investigation, arguing that Musk may have been referred to the bank as an individual with high net worth. Musk posted on Twitter about the subpoena, calling it “idiotic.”

JPMorgan Chase recently requested that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg release documents related to the US Virgin Islands lawsuit against them for allegations of colluding with Epstein’s operation.

Thiel did not respond to requests to comment on the emails related to Epstein.

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