According to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, last year’s surge of unaccompanied minors crossing the border has slowed. He estimated that the rate of solo children being apprehended by Border Police has fallen by about 40 percent from the highest rates. Still, he was forced to acknowledge that 2014 had seen 68,000 unaccompanied minors cross into the United States.

“So you’re still talking about – ” said Rep. Henry Cuellar.

“Thousands of people, yes,” replied Johnson.

“Yes, yes, thousands,” mused Cuellar.

Johnson’s congressional testimony came as Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies told Fox’s Neil Cavuto that Americans should be prepared for a second surge of illegal immigrant children. “This supposedly is the slow time of the year,” she said, “but already we have very high numbers of people coming, and it shows that the surge really never stopped. It just lessened a bit.”

Vaughan insisted that the president was directly to blame for the failure to stop the surge. He “is advertising that he is only interested in deporting criminals and families are allowed to stay,” she told Cavuto.

Of course, not everyone is worried. House Democrat Luis Gutierrez announced that he and fellow Democrats had created a helpful pamphlet for illegals to use in case they were threatened with deportation. Within the pamphlet is a cut-out card that says “Do not deport me” in English and Spanish. Gutierrez said that illegals who thought they might qualify for President Obama’s deferred deportation amnesty – currently on hold while the subject of a lawsuit – should carry the card with them.

“I want you to cut the card in the toolkit and keep it in your wallet, and use it in cases of emergency,” said Gutierrez in a video. “It explains in English and Spanish that you’re eligible for DACA or DAPA. By using this card after you’ve been arrested or detained, you can explain that under the policy in place today, you should be released because you’re not a priority for deportation.”

Wonderful. It’s nice to know that someone is looking out for the American citizens that elected him. Not Gutierrez, but someone. Surely, someone is. Right?

What Jessica Vaughan said about Obama’s “advertising” is the plain truth of the matter. He has made it one of his highest priorities as president to welcome illegal immigrants to the United States. One might wonder why our elected officials are spending more time worrying about non-citizens than actual Americans, but hey, that’s the Democrats for you. Most of these socialists believe there should be no immigration laws. The more Mexicans and Venezuelans and Guatemalans they have registering to vote, the better chance they have of winning elections. And since most of these people come from countries steeped in extreme-leftist politics, they’ll be more open to the freedom-killing policies Democrats want so badly to implement. What a perfect plan.

If only we had an opposition party willing to fight for people who were actually born here. Wouldn’t that be something?