Time Magazine is going forward with an issue devoted solely to the issue of climate change, and Editor-in-Chief Edward Felsenthal appeared on MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle’s show on Thursday to promote it in the most friendly environment possible. What followed was utterly predictable, as Ruhle set up Felsenthal time and again to tell viewers that climate change was real, it was man-made, and it was currently destroying the world we live in. For the benefit of all the viewers who tuned out too early to see this stage-play unfold, here are some of the highlights.

“Time magazine’s brand new issue is solely dedicated to climate change and only the fifth issue where every single page is dedicated to a single topic,” Ruhle said, barely restraining her excitement.

“This issue, as you said, only the fifth time in our 96 years that we have devoted front to back, every page to a single topic,” Felsenthal confirmed. “And that’s really because of the urgency of the problem. Al Gore and others in the issue point out we’ve made progress. But the pace of climate change is outpacing that progress. And the problem becomes even more urgent and even harder to solve the longer we wait.”

Is it? By what metric, exactly? The temperatures which actually haven’t changed one iota since the early 1980s? The “more destructive, more frequent” hurricanes that actually don’t appear to be any more destructive or frequent than hurricanes dating back to the earliest years of the 20th century?

Ah, but there’s no room for that kind of talk.

“You know, we can and should debate what is the best route to mitigate climate change and global warming,” Felsenthal said. But: “The science, the fact that it’s happening, is settled. There is no other side to the science.”

“It’s stunning that there are still people who are skeptical,” mused Ruhle, who does not, as far as we can glean, have any personal training in the climate sciences.

Ruhle then turned to everyone’s favorite climate hysterical, Mr. Gore: “I want to share what Al Gore writes about the size of the problem, where he says, ‘Humanity is now spewing more than 110 million tons of global warming pollution every day into the atmosphere,’ adding that it is ‘equal to what would be released by 500,000 Hiroshima-class atomic bombs exploding on Earth every single day.’ That being the case, how is it that this isn’t being treated like more of an emergency?”

Uh, because it’s class-A, no-filler-added, BS?

Nah, it’s because human beings are “procrastinators,” says Felsenthal.

If it’s this kind of nonsense that humans are procrastinating about, it’s all to the good.