In an op-ed for this week, Planned Parenthood Executive Vice President Dawn Laguens made the extraordinary (and utterly untrue) claim that only a small fraction of Americans were politically opposed to a woman’s right to have an abortion on demand.

In the article, entitled “The Patriarchy is Wobbling,” Laguens wrote that “the anti-women, anti-autonomy agenda is why Planned Parenthood is always a target” by the conservative movement. In other words, it is because abortion gives women a degree of freedom and control that it is despised by the right. It does not, naturally, have anything to do with the fact that hundreds of thousands of unborn babies are being slaughtered in death clinics from coast to coast.

According to Laguens, people like Donald Trump and Mike Pence are merely “pandering to a tiny sliver of voters who are deeply invested in maintaining the longstanding, lopsided distribution of power, by resisting the rights of more than half the population.”

Laguens goes on like this, ad nauseam (and we do mean nauseam) for the better part of 1,000 words, but she says nothing throughout the rest of the piece that can’t be gleaned from the comments excerpted above. Once you’ve heard one wacky idea from the mind of a radical feminist, you’ve heard them all. Men are scum, women are wonderful, abortion is one of the greatest gifts society has ever been given, conservatives are pigs, down with the patriarchy, on and on and on and yawn.

As for her claim that only a “tiny sliver” of the American population is vehemently against legal abortion, it’s nothing but pure propaganda. While it’s true that there is more favoritism for legal abortion these days than at any point in this country’s history, there is still a sizeable contingent who thinks there should be strict regulations on its use. According to the latest Pew Forum survey, 57% of Americans think abortion should be legal in “all or most cases,” while 40% believe the opposite. Forty percent of this country is not a majority, but it’s damn sure not a “tiny sliver” by any reckoning.

It can’t be ignored, though, that the full-court Planned Parenthood/Democratic Party press in recent years has had a stunning effect on the American public. More people than ever view abortion through the distorted lens of “women’s rights” or, even more absurdly, “women’s healthcare,” and they have bought into the insane, “We don’t need rich white guys in Washington telling us what to do with our bodies.” As if any rich, white Republican ever forced American women to get pregnant in the first place.

But that won’t stop us from telling the truth about this abominable industry and the abominable Supreme Court decision that allowed it to become a national pastime. And it won’t stop us from calling out people like Dawn Laguens and Cecile Richards, women who are profiting off pure evil and being held up as heroes for doing so. You can tell us all day long that up is down and black is white, but it will never make it true.