This week, braindead New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ignited a firestorm of controversy when she accused the Trump administration of running concentration camps at the southern border.

“This administration has established concentration camps on the southern border of the United States for immigrants, where they are being brutalized with dehumanizing conditions and dying,” tweeted AOC. “This is not hyperbole. It is the conclusion of expert analysis.”

It isn’t. It’s the conclusion of the leftists writing for Esquire magazine, which is what AOC linked to following that idiotic claim. But the temptation to compare President Donald Trump to Hitler is one that many leftists find irresistible, so we’re not particularly surprised that Ocasio-Cortez would choose to go there. Hers is the language of social media, and there’s no such thing as “measured conversation” when it comes to Twitter.

Ocasio-Cortez’s reckless remarks invited criticism from across the spectrum as Jews, conservatives, and even a handful of Democrats took issue with her characterization. Hell, she was even slammed by NBC’s Chuck Todd. Folks, when you’re a Democrat taking heat from CHUCK TODD, you know that you’ve strayed off the reservation.

One of the fiercest critics was Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), who advised AOC to do a little reading.

“Please @AOC do us all a favor and spend just a few minutes learning some actual history. 6 million Jews were exterminated in the Holocaust. You demean their memory and disgrace yourself with comments like this,” tweeted Cheney.

But instead of backing down and realizing that she was out of her depth, Ocasio-Cortez did what she always does and doubled down.

“Hey Rep. Cheney, since you’re so eager to ‘educate me,’ I’m curious: What do YOU call building mass camps of people being detained without a trial? How would you dress up DHS’s mass separation of thousands children at the border from their parents?” she asked.

Um, a reasonable response to a system whose “catch and release” policies have allowed more than 60% (some reports say 90%) of illegal immigrants to stay in the U.S. indefinitely without any adjudication of asylum? The only recourse in a government situation where Democrats are blocking any workable security at the border? A simple-to-avoid scenario that only requires migrants to NOT break U.S. law?

It wasn’t long, of course, until one of AOC’s fellow extremist freshmen jumped to her defense.

“The continued policing and bullying by Liz and her crew of the WOC [Women of Color] members of Congress is just proof that the GOP don’t have a policy agenda for the American people,” Rep. Rashida Tlaib tweeted. “Instead they want to focus on a hate agenda that doesn’t better our lives, but divides us more.”

Yeah, the “hate agenda” of enforcing U.S. law. How dreadful.

Getting really sick of Democrats playing the race card every time they start losing an argument, but when you have absolutely no facts and very little public support on your side, we suppose it’s the only way to shut down your critics.