House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is being criticized harshly for her appearance on the “Late Late Show with James Corden” last week when she showed off her expensive refrigerator and her freezer full of overpriced ice cream.

The video, which might have gone down a little bit easier if the millionaire Democrat wasn’t actively blocking financial aid for American small businesses, left a sour taste in the mouths of Corden’s viewers. There’s elitism, and then there’s out-of-touch elitism of the sort that only high-profile liberals seem capable of achieving. And no one is more out of touch and elitist than Pelosi.

On Fox News on Monday, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said that Pelosi’s video was an embarrassment.

“I thought the notion of Nancy Pelosi holding up aid to small businesses while she stood in front of her two very expensive refrigerators and talked about how she loves to have her $11.75-a-pint ice cream to comfort her is the most tone-deaf thing I’ve seen a Speaker of the House do,” Gingrich said.

In the video, Pelosi took Corden on a virtual tour of her home, stopping dramatically at her kitchen for a sneak peek at her ridiculously-expensive ice cream.

“Speaker Pelosi, what have you found, what are you going to share with us from your home?” asked Corden.

“Chocolate. Chocolate. Candy,” replied Pelosi. “And this is something you can get through the mail if you run out. May I show you?”

“Yes, absolutely,” said Corden. “This is the episode of Cribs I never knew I needed.”

“Other people in our family go for some other flavors, but chocolate, and then we have some other chocolate here,” noted Pelosi, showing her freezer full of Jeni’s Ice Cream, which sells for $12 a pint online.

Like we said, this might have gone down more easily if it weren’t for that small business program that Pelosi is responsible for blocking in Congress. We’re not immune to the charms of peeking into the House Speaker’s freezer. We don’t even really care that much that she buys expensive ice cream. Maybe it’s really that good. Who knows. But for her to sit there and show off her golden ice cream in her overpriced freezer and simultaneously act like it’s just fine to withhold aid from struggling American families? That’s more than we can bear.