Top GOP Consultant Who Advised Cruz and Youngkin is Hired by Pro-DeSantis Super PAC

( – A top campaign consultant for Sen. Ted Cruz and Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin is joining a new super PAC that is likely to serve as a primary outside force in support of Florida Rov. Ron DeSantis’ run for president once he officially announces.

Head of the Republican political consulting firm Axiom Strategies, Jeff Roe, will be bringing his expertise to the Never Back Down PAC as a senior advisor in order to assist DeSantis’ potential bid for the White House. He’s already been holding meetings with notable conservative leaders to early voting states to advocate for DeSantis.

A former attorney general and gubernatorial nominee from Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli, who went on to serve under the Trump administration as acting deputy homeland security director, is the chair of the super PAC.

Cuccinelli said he wants to “provide an organizational center with the super PAC” so others can “start getting ready” if DeSantis decides to jump in the race, “which looks likely.” The point of the Never Back Down PAC, according to Cuccinelli, is to “have prepared the ground” for DeSantis so “he’ll be off and running to a much faster start than he otherwise could have pulled off.”

The addition of Roe means another veteran of Republican campaign trails will be joining the PAC.

DeSantis still hasn’t entered the race, although the general consensus among pundits seems to be that he will and that he poses the biggest challenge to Trump for the GOP nomination.

Recently, a Trump-affiliated PAC published a 15-page letter accusing DeSantis of running a “shadow presidential campaign” and violating Florida state statutes and federal campaign finance laws, as well as neglecting his gubernatorial duties. According to the PAC, called Make America Great Again Inc, DeSantis is effectively already campaigning even though he’s yet to officially announce entering the race, which would mean having to step down from his position as governor in order to do so.

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