Top Investment Fund Dumps Tesla Holdings

( – Infamous billionaire George Soros’s investment fund Soros Fund Management which manages the assets for his Open Societies Foundation had liquidated all of its Tesla stock. Barron’s is reporting that the management firm’s first quarter filings with the SEC revealed that it holds no Tesla stock, suggesting that all 130,000 shares were sold in the last few months.

The news (which broke on May 16th) had virtually no impact on Tesla’s stock price, in fact, the share price is up 1-2% for the week as of the morning of May 18th, definitely not what the Democratic megadonor had in mind. Some folks are wondering if Musk’s recent anti-Soros tweets were triggered in part by the sale.

On the evening of May 15th, Musk compared Soros to the fictional antagonist Magneto, who battles Marvel’s X-men for control of the fate of humanity. Days later, he ‘apologized’ for the post and said: “It was really unfair to Magneto.” Democrat apologists possibly on Soros’s payroll quickly lept to defend the geriatric billionaire, with one implying Soros has “good intentions.” Unequivocally Musk countered that one should not assume Soros has good intentions, stating plainly “Soros hates humanity,” much like the fictional supervillain.

Tesla’s stock has had a rocky year with a lot of volatility in the price as Musk has been in the public spotlight taking jabs at establishment bigwigs like Soros. During an interview with a CNBC reporter, Musk was asked why he makes these controversial statements in public when they could impact his business dealings so dramatically. “Why share it when people who buy teslas, or advertisers might disagree with you…” Musk responded plainly that it was his freedom of speech. When pressed further, he took a moment to ponder his response and referenced the end of the classic film The Princess Bride where a man is offered power and money and doesn’t care for either. “I’ll say what I want to say, and if the consequence to that is losing money, so be it.”

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