Top Liberal Makes Truly Embarrassing Confession

( – Joy Reid, the progressive anchor for MSNBC, admitted in a blog post on Sunday that Harvard University only accepted her because of affirmative action, a policy the Supreme Court recently decided violated the Fourteenth Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause.

According to Reid’s personal blog, she was admitted into Harvard “only because of affirmative action.” She then said that such policies are how Ketanji Brown Jackson, who was appointed to the Supreme Court by President Joe Biden last year, “got there” as well. Reid also said affirmative action is how Justice Clarence Thomas made it into Yale to study law.

Reid said that the minute she arrived at the university from her “majority-Black” Denver neighborhood, for “the first week or two,” her “presence was questioned by white people.” She claims that during a class, a few white students stood and said that “the Black students” were only there “because of affirmative action,” resulting in a “huge argument” during the conference class.

The MSNBC anchor claimed that a lot of students weren’t as smart as the black students on campus, including herself, and that the only reason they got into the Ivy League school is because of legacy admissions. Reid said many of the white students were there because their parents gave money to Harvard or were alumni.

Reid accused the Supreme Court Republican majority of being just fine with another form of affirmative action specific to white people “who benefited from slavery,” claiming their descendants “are so far ahead” of Black Americans in opportunities that they will “never catch up.”

Al Sharpton accused the SCOTUS of “sticking a dagger” in the backs of black Americans by rolling back affirmative action policies.

Sharpton said that “given the racial history of the country,” race should be considered when admitting students to universities. He said the legacy of slavery and black Americans being forbidden to read and write “until 160 years ago” is the reason many black students are behind, not because of “something in our genes.”

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