Top University Received Millions From Qatar

( – Northwestern University is coming into the spotlight after investigations by the House Education and Workforce Committee as well as independent watchdog organization Open The Books revealed the university accepted $690 million in funds from Qatar. University President Michael Schill was grilled by House Representatives during an appearance under oath on Thursday, May 23 wherein he addressed outbursts of antisemitic violence on campus as well as promises he made to radical activists regarding full-ride scholarships and faculty positions for Palestinians.

Qatar’s willingness to shelter Hamas leadership along with its $690 million boon to the University were scrutinized, particularly due to the intimate relationship between the state and a regional media organization. The examination elaborated that the Northwestern University used some of the funds to establish a satellite campus in Qatar in Education City, an area reserved by Qatar’s government for hosting outposts from American educational institutions.

NU-Q, as the campus is called, has an intimate relationship with Al Jazeera, and offers students potential programs in journalism and media. The programs are advertised on its website as giving students the opportunity to work with professionals in the industry.

Investigations revealed that academics who work on the campus seem to have radical views in support of Palestinian extremism. Khaled AL-Hroub teaches Middle Eastern studies and political courses at NU-Q. He told NPR hosts that he hadn’t seen “credible” reports suggesting Hamas killed women or children during the October 7 attacks. Northwestern University initially condemned the statement, naming their professor, with the caveat that they support freedom of expression and academic freedom. Later revisions removed AL-Hroub’s name from the document and added that his sentiments weren’t representative of official university policy.

Rami Khouri is also affiliated with NU-Q, and he wrote a 2015 piece in defense of Palestinian knife attacks and other work that attempts to justify terrorism as a legitimate tactic of war.

There are additional concerns from the House Education and Workforce Committee that Northwestern University may be in violation of the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1952 which stipulates American institutions cannot help train or educate foreign terrorist organizations. The relationship between Northwestern and Al-Jazeera is suspect as the latter has had members of Hamas working within its ranks.

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