Toyota Issues Another Recall

( – Toyota Motor Corporation issued a recall Of over 13,000 vehicles because the camera systems were at risk of malfunctioning and many modern drivers now rely on these cameras.

On Friday, June 14, Toyota published a notice on its official website announcing that Roughly 13,000 vehicles of the 2023 Crown model have potential problems with its camera system.

The recall notice states that the source of the problem is the front and rear view camera cases. A flaw in the case design allows water in, which could potentially short-circuit the camera and interrupt the image display. According to the recall, “an increased risk of striking and injuring pedestrians while backing up could result from a failure of the rearview camera to display an image.

The automobile manufacturer did not disclose whether or not any injuries or accidents have resulted from the issue and there is no record of any open class-action lawsuits related to the specific model.

The company says owners of the 2023 Toyota Crown may bring the vehicle into one of its dealers, which will inspect the affected camera and its serial numbers and then repair it free of charge. Toyota will also send out notifications to owners of the model sometime in August.

The recall comes after the company’s chairman, Akio Toyoda, recently admitted that Toyota cheated on certification tests related to seven of its models, including tests on airbags and collision durability. Three of those models were subsequently suspended and the chairman issued an official apology to its customers and the public.

Just a few days before the recall, a massive cyber attack on CDK Global impacted thousands of car dealerships across the US. CDK Global provides data storage for “nearly 15,000 dealer locations” throughout the country. The situation could take months “if not years to correct,” according to one sales manager impacted by the hack. Dealerships lost millions and thousands of drivers have been affected.

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