Trans Shooter Finds Support From Female Leftist Democrat Politicians

( – A Wyoming legislator is taking flak for posting a series of tweets and memes which suggested she supported transgender school shooter Audrey Hale. Democrat Rep. Karlee Provenza posted a meme that said “Auntie Fa Says Protect Trans Folks Against Fascists & Bigots” and features what appears to be an elderly transgender individual brandishing a semi-automatic rifle.

Auntie Fa is a reference to the radical extremist group Antifa which frequently engages in violent political action while adorning black bloc or black clothing which covers their faces. The post popped up on her social media last week within days of the shooting.

That mass casualty event resulted in the deaths of six innocent people, including three children, and the shooter herself who was taken out by police while she attempted to fire upon first responders arriving at the scene.

Additionally, the Lt. Gov. of Minnesota Peggy Flanagan (D) was also slammed for a picture she posted where she wore a t-shirt that said “Protect Trans Kids” with a hunting knife and rose featured prominently.

Transgender individuals are at high risk for radicalization, according to a prophetic study from last year.

Trans activists and their allies have been repeatedly storming the Tennessee State Capitol with protest demands for more gun control. Tennessee is a constitutional carry state, which means no one needs a permit to carry a weapon in public. Gov. Bill Lee responded by stating he was open to the possibility of red flag laws, but he plans to focus on improving school security statewide as soon as possible.

Parents brought their kids into the Capitol in a blatant attempt to emotionally manipulate both politicians and the children. Leftists love to bring their kids to protest.

Police have still not released the recovered manifesto which is presumed to detail the motive and reasoning for Hale’s onslaught. Trans rights activists have been calling attempts to stop them from medicating and surgically altering children a “genocide.” The rhetoric surrounding preserving children from being subjected to bizarre medical experiments is truly bizarre and inverted, which may have contributed to Hale’s attack.

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