Transgender State Representative Encouraged Small Riot At Capitol

( – Transgender Montana State Representative Zooey Zephyr was not allowed to speak for a third time on Monday, April 24th. In response, his supporters interrupted a session by screaming and chanting from the gallery during a debate on a proposal to restrict name and gender changes at school without parental consent.

Zephyr held his microphone in the air as his minions harassed lawmakers by making noise and chanting their demands to “let her speak” referring to Zephyr, who identifies as a transgender woman.

Zephyr was sanctioned last week for making a veiled threat against conservative lawmakers, where he stated he hoped they would see “the blood on your hands” the next time they prayed. He was censured for the remarks which the House Montana Freedom Caucus qualified as “hateful rhetoric.” The Speaker has moved to silence Zephyr each day since when he attempted to speak on these topics, which was affirmed by a vote in the House. Zephyr has refused to apologize for the remarks.

The interruption followed a rally on the Capitol step hours prior and is the latest episode in Montanan politics over the issue of so-called ‘gender-affirming care’ for minors. Seven protesters were arrested by riot police responding to the interruption after lawmakers were unable to continue with the proceedings for over thirty minutes. Many of them had to be forcibly removed from the premises.

The audio feed was cut from the live video during the interruption and when the Sergeant-at-arms asked Zephyr to help quiet her minions, he rebuffed the request. He left after the disruption, making his point quite clear, and went to the jail to show “support.”

House leaders published a statement saying they “condemn violence” and encourage “civil debate.” They also elaborated that the disruption “damages our discourse and endangered legislators and staff.” Continuing they suggested the behavior did not reflect Montana values.

After the fiasco, the bill ultimately passed both the State House and Senate, and Republican Governor Greg Gianforte is expected to sign the bill into law.

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