Tribes Ban Noem From 20% Of Her State’s Land

( – As a result of remarks she made back in March criticizing tribal leaders, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem has been banished by two more Native American tribes from the tribes’ respective territories.

This is the second banishment received by Noem in less than a week, and she is now unwelcome in almost 20% of North Dakota lands.

In a special meeting held on Friday, May 10, followed by a vote, the Yankton Sioux Tribe decided to banish Noem from their tribal lands. A few days before, on Tuesday, May 7, the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate tribe made a similar action and declared the governor banished from their ancestral lands.

Those two tribes are only the latest. Before them, the Oglala, Standing Rock Sioux, Cheyenne River, and Rosebud tribes banished Noem. This means that out of the nine tribes in South Dakota, only three have yet to banish the governor from their lands.

The wave of condemnation came after remarks by Noem in March in which she claimed that Native American children were being neglected by tribal leaders on impoverished reservations in favor of accommodating drug cartels. Noem said that she believes those tribal leaders “are personally benefiting” from the cartels’ presence in the area, which she says is why they “attack” her “every day.” The governor added that she would “fight for the people” living in such situations and who reach out to her asking for help because they’re scared.

In a post on social media on May 9, Noem addressed the cartel situation on South Dakota reservations and called on the leaders to “take action to ban” them from the lands as well as to accept her offer to help “restore law and order to their communities” while protecting the sovereignty of the inhabitants. Noem added that this could only be done “through partnerships” because President Joe Biden and his administration have failed “to do their job.”

Some of Noem’s critics accuse her of drumming up a new controversy to try and distract the public away from the recent backlash against her over a story she shared in her memoir about killing a hunting dog on her ranch.

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