Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump appeared on Alex Jones’s InfoWars broadcast channel Wednesday for an exclusive half-hour interview that touched on many of the candidate’s top issues. Jones, known for promoting a conspiratorial view of American and world politics, seemed utterly enamored with Trump, insisting that his fans are – by and large – in his camp for the election.

That kind of endorsement may not boost Trump’s mainstream appeal, but then again, it’s not like anything about Trump’s success this year has followed the usual playbook.

In the interview, Trump said outright: “I think this is going to be the most important election our country has ever had. Certainly in the modern era. If we don’t get it right – if we put another one of these people in like Hillary […] if we go another four or eight years with the insanity and the stupidity of these leaders, I’m not sure you’re going to be able to turn it around anymore. I think it could be over.”

In that single comment, Trump may have said the truest thing he’s ever said. In fact, this may be the truest thing that any presidential candidate has said this year. Because we are undoubtedly at a major crossroads. That doesn’t mean that Donald Trump represents the only salvation – though some will argue that he does – but another four years of Democrat rule would be fatal for our country. And if we settle on a Republican who fails to recognize this fact, then even four years of anemic GOP rule could be disastrous.

What’s particularly telling about Trump is that he’s being relentlessly attacked from both sides. He is being attacked by conservatives. He is being attacked by liberals. He is being attacked by the media. In other words, he’s being attacked by the system itself – a system that has been drowning in liberalism for the past twenty years. It’s become so entrenched that it’s almost invisible. Republicans have begun to unconsciously adopt the language of the left, viciously turning on allies like Rush Limbaugh because they think he’s kicking up voter discontent.

This is why Trump is such an unbelievable anomaly. Really, no hyperbole will do. This is unprecedented. This is a revolution. And he has the establishment on both sides of the aisle running scared.

If you were to place a bet right now on the 2016 election, there’s not a gambling expert in the world who would advise you to put your money on anyone other than Hillary Clinton. The woman should be brought up on charges, and yet she is almost certain to be our next president. How can that be? Who is going to stop her? Marco Rubio? Ted Cruz? Sorry, but it’s just not likely.

Trump is the wildcard. If Hillary is to be stopped – and it may be impossible, quite honestly – it might have to be Trump that does it.