Trump Accuses DOJ of Sitting on Charges to Purposely Interfere with Elections

( – Former President Donald Trump fired off a series of posts on his Truth Social page on Monday claiming that the Justice Department controlled by President Biden deliberately delayed filing charges against the former president for over two years with the intention of “illegally and negatively” influencing the presidential election in 2024.

Trump wrote that “radical left Democrat thugs” should not be permitted to investigate him during his presidential campaign. He then asked why the charges, which he called “ridiculous,” weren’t filed two and half years ago.

The former president said the Democratic Party and Biden’s administration “waited because they wanted to illegally and negatively influence” the next presidential election, which he called “arguably the most important” one in the country’s history. Trump also described the U.S. as “third world” now, citing the elections as well as the border and road/highway conditions, and said his campaign will “make America great again,” reiterating his famous slogan.

Trump added in another post that he’s expecting Special Counsel Jack Smith and “his highly partisan gang of thugs” to hand Trump another indictment within the next few days. And so they did. On Tuesday, Trump was indicted for trying to overturn the election he lost in 2020. Trump said it’s “another attempt to cover up” all of the news about the Biden administration regarding payoffs, extortion, and bribery, and an example of “election interference” and “prosecutional misconduct.”

According to Trump, his attorneys explained to the DOJ that he “did nothing wrong,” and they advised the department to avoid indicting the former president because it “would only further destroy our country.” That plea apparantly fell on deaf ears.

These are interesting times. In time, it will play out if a former President and forerunner to the next election can win – even though indicted on serious charges.

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