On Thursday, Buzzfeed News released a list of names being considered by Donald Trump’s transition team for possible places in the new administration. Headed up by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, the names are largely unsurprising and reflective of the politicians who supported Trump throughout the campaign. For as much as has been written about the Donald Trump who holds a grudge, the list shows that there’s a flipside to that: He’s very loyal to those who stick by his side.

BuzzFeed didn’t reveal their source, but they did say that those “familiar with the list stressed it was not final, and it is unclear whether transition officials have narrowed it down or added more potential candidates for consideration by Trump.”

Assuming the list is currently accurate, though, let’s take a look at some of the men and women under consideration for top cabinet positions.

For Attorney General, we have Chris Christie, Florida AG Pam Bondi, Sen. Jeff Sessions, and Rudy Giuliani. Bondi and Sessions would seem to be the longshots on this list; Giuliani feels like the favorite. Of course, Trump could nominate Kanye West for Attorney General and it would be an improvement over the last eight years.

For Secretary of Commerce, we have Christie, businessmen Dan DiMicco and Lew Eisenberg, Mike Huckabee, Sen. David Perdue, and former Senator Jim Talent. It would not be at all shocking to see Trump fill this position with someone from the private sector.

We’ll skip some of the positions like Agriculture Secretary on the assumption that literally no one cares.

For Secretary of Education, we’re looking at Ben Carson and the Hoover Institution’s William Evers. Of those two, the safe bet is on Evers, who is a member of the transition team, has a distinguished education pedigree (including a two-year stint in the Department of Education), and has spoken out forcefully against Common Core.

To head up the Department of Homeland Security, the possibilities include Christie and Sheriff David Clarke, a Trump supporter and a frequent guest on Fox News. If Christie is going to be a part of this administration – and it’s hard to imagine a scenario where he wouldn’t be – this feels like the best home for him.

For Secretary of Defense, we’ve got General Mike Flynn, Stephen Hadley, Rep. Duncan Hunter, Sessions, and Talent. It would be mildly surprising if anyone other than Flynn was offered this position.

For Secretary of State, we have John Bolton, Hillary Clinton, Sen. Bob Corker, and Newt Gingrich on the shortlist. Sorry, just wanted to see if you were still paying attention. Insider scuttlebutt says this one’s going to Newt.

If we take these names as gospel, conservatives – even those who fought this movement every step of the way – will have a lot to like about the Trump administration.