After a defeat at the Supreme Court last week, the Trump administration has chosen to go forward with a version of the U.S. Census that leaves out the controversial question about citizenship.

That question, which might have provided us with a clarifying look into exactly how many illegal immigrants are currently living in the United States, was fiercely opposed by Democrats and immigration activists, all of whom feared it would damage a trifecta of their interests.

One, it would have given Americans a shocking glimpse into the precise number of aliens in the country – a glimpse that might have finally awakened the population to the slow-moving invasion that President Trump and his supporters have been warning us about. Even if there was a significant undercount relative to the last Census, the absent figures would have given us a good idea about what is really going on in America.

Two, if the Census did provide the Department of Commerce with an undercount, it would have decimated federal funding for those blue-city areas that have opened their welcoming arms to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants. That funding is parceled out according to population, meaning that an American taxpayer in Georgia is responsible for paying for an illegal immigrant family in Los Angeles. If the citizenship question resulted in the undercount that Democrats expected, that funding would have dried up precipitously.

Three, and related to the last point, Democrats don’t want to lose congressional representation in Washington. Every person counted in the Census is used to determine how many lawmakers are allocated to this state or that one. In states like California, for instance – how many congresspeople would they have if we suddenly removed every illegal immigrant from the count? How many would they lose in an instant?

Well, we won’t know the answers to any of these questions because of a bad ruling by the Supreme Court. The Democrats have been given a free pass to keep up the charade that says: Illegal immigrants are every bit as American as citizens. And we as a country get to keep putting our collective heads in the sand, ignoring the growing problem that could eventually mean our extinction as the world’s greatest democracy.

It’s a damn shame.