Trump Affiliated Super PAC Accuses DeSantis of Running a “Shadow Presidential Campaign”

( – A super PAC associated with former President Donald Trump accused Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis of ethics violations by running a “shadow presidential campaign.”

The PAC, called Make America Great Again Inc., released a 15-page letter calling on the Florida Commission on Ethics to launch an investigation into DeSantis for allegedly violating state statutes and federal campaign finance laws.

In the letter, the PAC argues that DeSantis is already a “de facto” presidential candidate, claiming he is “leveraging his elected office [as governor] and breaching his associated duties in a coordinated effort to develop his national profile, enrich himself and his political allies, and influence the national electorate.”

The complaint said it is “no mere oversight” that DeSantis has yet to announce his candidacy, and that the Florida governor is engaged in “a coordinated effort” designed to “accept, as unethical gifts, illegal campaign contributions, and certain personal benefits… intended to influence his official decision to resign from office [as governor] under Florida’s resign to run law.”

The letter accuses DeSantis of leaving “the statehouse vacant” and that he is abusing his position and abdicating “his official duties” in order to pursue political interests beyond the state of Florida, such as meeting with people of influence “in early primary states” and people “likely to play key roles” in his campaign.

The PAC is requesting penalties be imposed on DeSantis by the commission, which includes impeachment, removal from his gubernatorial office, fines, and even disqualification from the election ballot.

Most polls agree that DeSantis will pose the biggest threat to Trump for the GOP nomination if he runs, but Florida law dictates that he will have to step down from his position as governor in order to do so.

It’s no secret that the 44-year-old leader of the Sunshine State has his eye on the White House, and clearly he’s been playing his cards strategically by not immediately entering the race.

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