At a massive rally in Newport News, Virginia on Friday, President Donald Trump told the crowd that he’s confident that he will prevail against Joe Biden in the election…as long as everything is on the up and up.

“We’re going to win. We’re not going to lose this except if they cheat that’s the way I look at it,” said Trump. “We can’t let them cheat. We can’t let them, it’s too much. Our country is at stake and it’s true. Our country is at stake. Because these people will destroy our country.”

Trump, who has warned for months that this year’s push to vote by mail will leave the election wide open to potential fraud, said Friday that Democrats are counting on vulnerabilities to let them snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

“We can’t let this happen and this is a scam and they know it, the media knows it but the media doesn’t want to cover it,” he said. “They know exactly what’s going to happen, and so do I, but the Democrats know better than all of us what’s going to happen. The only way we’re going to lose is if there’s mischief. Mischief, and it will have to be on a big scale so be careful.”

The media and the Democrats (and allies like Twitter) are spending all of their time insisting that there is absolutely no reason to believe that a massive increase in mail-in ballots will constitute a problem. They want Americans to believe that Trump is merely trading in conspiracy theories and attempting to set up an excuse for his loss to Biden.

The truth is, however, that we are in uncharted waters. And things don’t look great so far. The election is still more than a month away, but we’ve already seen ballots rejected, lost, and fraudulently opened across the country. In one jurisdiction, officials even found that someone had opened a bunch of pro-Trump ballots before throwing them in the garbage! If we’re already seeing these problems now, how much worse will things get by the time November rolls around?

Unfortunately, we CANNOT count on Democrats playing fair in this election, and they will have more opportunities than ever to steal this one. Hopefully, election officials in all states (or at least the ones that matter) will be sharp-eyed and ready to crack down on any fraudulent schemes they see.