According to a new poll from Zogby, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has captured the imagination of a demographic every politician in the world would love to crack: millennials. The new survey has Trump securing 25 percent of the millennial vote, a generation defined as those currently between the ages of 18 and 34.

“Millennials prefer problem-solvers and cutting to the chase,” said John Zogby. “And like all Americans, they do not hate billionaires.”

Zogby’s analysis of millennials is less compelling than the survey; these pundits usually embarrass themselves when they attempt to ascribe social traits to millions of people based on their birth year. Still, the fact remains that Trump’s candidacy has managed to win over some surprising demographical support.

Consider another recent poll from SurveyUSA. According to this one, Trump is not only winning when matched head to head with Hillary Clinton, he has also won over 25% of black observers. This is a major story, considering how poorly GOP candidates have fared with African-American voters in the past. Mitt Romney couldn’t get more than 6% of that block, and John McCain did even worse. Those two were obviously hurt by the skin color of their Democratic opponent, but even George W. Bush was unable to get more than 11% of the black vote.

That fact is even more surprising when you consider how many liberals are calling his campaign racist. These are the reporters who took great glee in a recent protest sign outside Trump Towers. Two protesters fashioned a spin on The Donald’s campaign slogan, insisting that his motto should really be “Make American RACIST Again.” But if Trump’s popularity in the black community is any indication, it may only be Hispanics who see it that way. Well, them and the elitist white champions of illegal immigration.

These numbers prove that this has moved beyond the usual parameters of Republicans vs. Democrats, conservatives vs. liberals. This is a minor political revolution, given fuel by the millions of Americans who have had it up to here with the Washington establishment. The thought of running Clinton vs. Bush again was enough to make many voters sick to their stomachs. In Trump, these voters have found someone who – despite his staggering wealth – actually comes across as a real human being.

In the L.A. Times this week, writer Doyle McManus posed the question that many GOP insiders are beginning to ask: “Trump can’t actually win, can he?”

As this summer fling turns into an autumn romance, the answer may just shock the world.