President Donald Trump was on fire Thursday night in Minneapolis, raging against former Vice President Joe Biden, who remains his most-likely opponent in the 2020 general election.

Trump, in front of a raucous crowd of vehement supporters, said that Democrats were trying to rescue Biden from his own flailing poll numbers and intense questions of corruption with a fictionalized narrative of impeachment.

“So now the Democrats are making a pathetic bid to save Sleepy Joe Biden,” Trump said. “You know what? I’d love to run against him, to be honest.”

Trump said that he wasn’t concerned about facing off with Biden on the debate stage, suggesting that any candidate that couldn’t destroy Biden up there didn’t deserve to be in the Oval Office.

“You cannot be president because what are you going to do against President Xi and Kim Jong-Un?” he asked. “You can’t beat Sleepy Joe, but now you’re going to meet with Kim Jong-Un? I don’t think so.”

Trump turned to the corruption scandal surrounding Biden’s son, whom he noted was suspiciously absent from the public eye.

“Joe’s son Hunter got thrown out of the Navy and became a genius on Wall Street in about two days,” he said. “By the way, whatever happened to Hunter? Where the hell is he? Where is Hunter? Hey, fellas, I have an idea for a new t-shirt. I love the cops, but let’s do another t-shirt — ‘Where’s Hunter? Where is he?’

“Hunter, you know nothing about energy, you know nothing about anything, frankly. Hunter, you are a loser,” Trump continued. “Why did you get $1.5 billion, Hunter?”

Trump then lowered the boom: “And your father was never considered smart. He was never considered a good senator. He was only a good vice president because he understood how to kiss Barack Obama’s ass.”

Yeah, we’d say that about sums it up. And the only reason he’s a good Democratic candidate – if you can consider him that – is because he maintains some small bit of inoculation from the worst of the socialism eating that party from the inside out. And the longer this primary season goes on, the more of even that meager shine is wearing off. By the time Biden is done fending off his challengers’ attacks – and they are sure to get worse before the end of the race – he’ll be promising free healthcare and free college along with the worst of them.

Now, combine that with the pathetic fact that Obama won’t even endorse the guy, and you’ve got a pretty sad situation.