By the time the votes are all in, the ballots have all been counted, and the Democrats have pulled their shenanigans in the Midwest, it’s very possible that we could be looking at President Joe Biden come January. But even if Biden does manage to wrangle a victory out of his sorry excuse for a campaign, it won’t change the real losers of this election: The woke scolds who traffic in identity politics.

Those scolds have spent the last four years – and certainly the last six months – telling us all about how Trump is a racist, incorrigible white supremacist and all of his supporters are, too. This message was clearly two-pronged: Aimed at turning whites (But I’M not a racist!) against Trump and generating additional enthusiasm among Hispanics and black voters. As far as we can tell, though, that message was soundly rejected at the polls. Indeed, Trump expanded his base of support on election night not by getting more white men to vote for him but by bringing minorities over from the Democrats.

We’ll know more as the final votes are tabulated and analyzed, but exit polls show that Trump improved on his 2016 performance with black voters by 4 points, bringing his share up to 12%. Some outlets have said it looks like he might have secured as much as 18% of the black vote, which would be an accomplishment of historical proportions. With Hispanics, Trump’s share of the vote also went up four percentage points, from 28% in 2016 to 32% in 2020. If you take the election as a whole, the nonwhite vote was 7 points tighter between Trump and Biden than it was between Trump and Hillary four years ago.

And what do we hear from Joy Reid on MSNBC? America is racist. What do we hear from Charles Blow at The New York Times? America is racist. Again and again since election night, we’ve heard the same refrain: People who vote for Trump do so because they hate black people.

They just won’t learn.

2020 – more than any other recent year – was the year of identity politics. It consumed us from the end of May right up until the present moment. Books like Robin DiAngelo’s “White Fragility” and Ibram Kendi’s “How to Be an Anti-Racist” dominated the bestseller lists. Over and over again, we were told that America was born in racism and continues to be the home of unparalleled white supremacy. And yet, when the votes were in on Election Day, the Biggest White Supremacist of All Time managed to pick up votes in the minority communities.

And if Democrats spend another four years telling Americans how racist this country is, they might just “woke” themselves into oblivion.