President Trump, reiterating Thursday that he was unwilling to talk infrastructure until Congress passed his trade agreement with Canada and Mexico, told reporters that he had doubts about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s ability to understand the USMCA package. During a White House ceremony held to announce a $16 billion aid package for American farmers, Trump said his administration was determined to be patient with the top Democrat in the House.

“They’re being very nice to her because…really, she’s a mess,” he said. “Let’s face it. She doesn’t understand it. They sort of feel she’s disintegrating before their eyes. She does not understand it. They want to have her understand before it’s finished. It’s signed, as you know. Mexico has approved the deal. Canada has approved the deal, and they are waiting to get a signal for her. Now I would say this. The farmers should start talking to the Democrats in the House. The Senate’s ready to approve it.”

Later, he came back to the subject.

“We made a great deal, but whether or not Pelosi understands it or whether—I don’t think she’s capable right now of understanding it. I think she’s got a lot of problems,” Trump said. “The whole Democrat Party is very messed up. They have never recovered from the great election of 2016, an election that I think you folks liked very much, right? Well Nancy Pelosi was not happy about it and she is a mess.”

It was clear this week that Trump has lost his patience and sense of humor about the Democrats’ one-track focus. This is a president who had hoped – naively, apparently – that total exoneration through the Mueller report would finally allow him to get down to the business of actually being president. Irritated that he’s already lost two years of his term to this phony witch hunt, he is apoplectic to see Democrats continue to beat this long-dead horse. We don’t blame him.

But, then, that’s the only card the Democrats have to play. They can’t simply turn around, look at the plain conclusions of the Mueller report, and admit to their voters: “Whoops, looks like we’ve been lying to you for the last two years. Er, sorry about that, guys.” No, that’s never going to happen. So instead, they’re determined to just trundle on like the Mueller report never happened. As long as they can keep that thin thread of hope alive, maybe this whole house of cards won’t come crashing down around them. That’s the hope.

It would be a silly hope, of course, if they didn’t have the entire mainstream media in their back pocket. Unfortunately, they do, and that’s why – mess or not – the party remains a threat to win in 2020. Until then, don’t expect them to let Trump have a moment of breathing room.